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Family moments are very important, especially when there are children, as they stimulate a feeling of solidarity and affection towards others from an early age. Therefore, it is essential to set aside a little time for this, whether to go to the park, or to a tree farm, or even at home watching a movie and eating popcorn together (how about that?). All this generates good memories that warm the heart.

And speaking of remembrance, have you ever thought about registering these occasions through Best Photographers Woodlands, TX? It is an excellent way of remembering special situations experienced with those you love in the future. Best of all, you can use and abuse your imagination to do this, making the family photoshoot even more spontaneous and original!

So, did you like the idea and want to know 7 family photo ideas for you to register the best moments? So come with us!

1. Photograph everyday situations

Who said that everyday situations can’t make for good photos? Directing the look to the right environments and taking advantage of the best angles, they can! This, by the way, makes the photograph even more expressive for representing exactly the way you and your family live, as well as the interaction between its members.

So, consider taking pictures while they are preparing or eating breakfast. The children helping parents to cook, for example, can generate a beautiful image that conveys all the feeling involved there. Bath time or playing with pets are also perfect situations for good captures.

Another great idea is to document your day-to-day pregnancy journey if you are expecting your bundle of joy. These are some of the happiest moments for any couple waiting to expand their family and preparing for the little one to arrive. Analyze each moment and try to see the beauty behind each of them. For sure, the result will be fantastic!

everyday situations

2. Allow children to be spontaneous

Following the idea of ​​spontaneity in the poses and attitudes during the photos, a good suggestion is to let the children act as they wish. After all, there’s nothing more rigid than forcing them to stay in certain positions, right? So, let them have fun making the records too, as this will ensure that their essence will be stamped on the images.

So, if the little ones are playing, for example, let them continue and try to choose the best angles to photograph them in a relaxing moment. This will bring lightness to the photographs, you can trust!


3. Vary between indoors and outdoors

If you want to take photos indoors, it’s valid. However, for this, try to have good lighting, ensuring that the images will be with high resolution and without shadows. If you don’t have good enough artificial light, you can take advantage of the sunlight by using white curtains on the windows to diffuse the light even more.

However, in addition to indoor photos, consider taking outdoor photos as well. Surely, there are several locations in your city that can make a beautiful backdrop for photographs. It can be a park, a square or the beach.

A picnic can be a good excuse for this. The important thing is that everyone is comfortable and that they explore and interact with the environment, so that you can have photos with a lot of naturalness.

photos indoors

4. Mix poses

To make the photos even more interesting, it is important that the family members make some silly poses. It also helps to make recordings more fun and spontaneous. That way, if any of the children know how to plant bananas, hold their legs and ask the others to do some mischief too. Anything to make the images even more creative!

An adult standing, with one of the little ones between his legs, lying on the floor with his stomach down and his hands resting on his face forms a good composition in the image. Another fun thing kids like to do is to get on their parent’s back. That creates a sweet frame. All of this demonstrates the interaction between the family members being photographed and conveys the joy they are feeling for being together. Remember this!

Mix poses

family members

5. Seek new perspectives

Photos taken from the same eye level as the people being photographed are quite cliché and therefore unoriginal — always try to do something different. Try recording from other viewpoints. You can climb a ladder and photograph the other members from above, and conversely, how about helping some children climb a tree and point the camera at them from below?

It is also possible to position the camera on the plant itself, using the branches as a frame, and activate the timer, to record all family members at the same time. In addition to being beautiful, the photos will also be fun and, more than that, the models themselves will have fun making them!

new perspectives

6. Add a touch of humor

A little humor is always welcome on any occasion, even more so when we’re talking about family moments and photos. Try adding it when photographing loved ones, to make the moment funny, and it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. Sometimes less is more! Just remembering some funny incidents can often make everyone laugh and relax at the same time.

little humor

7. Match the shades of clothes

Consider matching with other family members the shades of clothing they will wear. This is because pieces with very strong and different colors will cause the images to be visually polluted, that is, with excessive visual information.

So, get together before taking the photos and agree on the color palette you are going to use. Prefer more pastel tones, so the chances of being disharmonious is lower. If parents and children want to wear exactly the same clothes, no problem, it can even create some pretty cool records!

shades of clothes

So, if being among family members is something so relevant, take the opportunity to make beautiful images. Applying the family photo ideas listed above, with a little more creativity and collaboration from everyone, it will be possible to have amazing records. Still, the moments they spent together to photograph will be in each one’s memory forever.

More than that, they can be recorded on paper. After all, developing or printing the photos and then putting them together in a photo book is a great way to immortalize the love between parents, children, siblings and whoever else wants to participate in this mess. So, what are you waiting for to prepare the photoshoot with your family members?

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