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Birthday Photos

Birthday photos are precious memories for those who like to relive special moments with family and friends. And when these images portray the childhood of a loved one, the feeling of love seems to overflow when opening the photo album.

Birthday photos are able to transport us back to those sweet and special moments – which, in addition to being already recorded in memory, is also printed and immortalized with the help of a professional.

recorded in memory

Parents who like to memorize the celebration of their child’s birthday have a lot to gain by hiring a photographer to cover this event – since instead of worrying about taking pictures, they can, in fact, live intensely the moments that will be part of their memories forever.

In this way, the most important shots of the party are guaranteed and you, in addition to enjoying them, can delight yourself in the future by observing the scenes and emotions you were part of, together with your dear family and friends.

dear family

In the case of children’s birthdays, the meaning of this record is even greater, as it guarantees the images that will serve for your time travel and for the birthday person to know how fun your children’s parties were, full of affection and people.

Check out, below, some of the most important clicks that cannot be missed in the coverage of children’s parties – guaranteed by the specialist team of Best Photographers Woodlands, TX.

  1. Birthday photos of the protagonist


The birthday boy or the girl, of course, should be the center of attention. His/her reactions, the fun events in which he or she participates, the contact with the family and the games with the friends need to be part of the record – along with the “catch” of spontaneous moments and the more traditional and posed ones. 

  1. Photographs of the family and the children’s party guests

party guests

The dear friends invited to the party deserve a place in this very special memory collection. And classic birthday child’s photos with key family members are also guaranteed, including dad, mom, brothers, sisters, grandpa, grandma, uncles, and aunties.

  1. Images of the party decoration, environment and sweets table

sweets table

All the preparation for the party was designed to portray the preferences and themes most dear to the birthday person at the time of the party. Therefore, the details of the decoration of the table, the environment, the snacks, the sweets and the cake are also a fundamental part of the icing – as well as the attractions and activities that are part of the party.

  1. Coverage of the children’s party through the eyes of children

eyes of children

The joy of the children yields spontaneous and fun clicks to remember and gets a lot of attention in the coverage of the children’s birthday. The fun between the little friends, the messy atmosphere and the different games are captured by the camera lens, which travels through all the environments together with the little ones.

  1. Photos of congratulations and the blowing of candles

blowing of candles

The reactions of the birthday kiddo and his/her family are recorded at the high point of the children’s party, guaranteeing the birthday Family photographer Texasthat, without a doubt, will be shared in posts on social networks and will be highlighted in the portrait frame in the living room.