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Cake smash sessions are our absolute favorites!!!

So, what is a ‘Cake Smash’ session exactly?

It’s a super-fun way to commemorate your baby’s 1st birthday milestone where your baby is introduced to his/her first cake.

By the time your baby is almost one, the little cuddly bear will already portray a personality, and show interest in certain things, like cars, or unicorn, or even food, lol. You can pick a theme to match baby’s interest (such as a cartoon character or airplane, or his/her favorite activity), or a family tradition or hobby (fishing or baseball), or something that will match your party theme (‘unicorn’ or ‘space’). You can also choose something very simple like neutral background with balloons.

Often, we provide outfit and cake, unless you want to bring your own or pick a different smashing object like donuts or spaghetti. Before we get into the ‘cake mess’, we will capture some candid and cute shots, even family pictures. 😊

Check out some of our recent cake smash sessions and all the fun themes here 😊

‘Cake & Splash’ session

 A cake smash session can be extended to a ‘Cake & Splash’ session, where a fruit, flower, or bubble bath is offered after the cake smash. Most babies love water and we let them play and get ‘cleaned’ in the tub with some themed music playing in the background. It is super fun and we highly recommend them.


 There’s a list of themes that you can choose from (see a few examples below) or we can discuss your own specific ideas and we will try our best to make it happen. Please reach out to us at least 2 months in advance, so that we have enough time to work on it and order any necessary items for your set. During booking, you will receive a detailed session guide and questionnaire so that we can start customizing your unique portrait session!



1) Themed set, props, and decors

2) Cake (if you approve)

3) A selection of outfits (optional) and headbands

4) A little bathtub for splash time (if you select ‘smash & splash’)



1) Baby’s outfit(s)

2) Baby’s snack and treats

3) A toy or a stuffed animal if you like to include in a pictures

4) Sippy cup

5) and the baby, of course 😀



1) If you like to display portraits at the party, please schedule when the baby is around ~11 month

2) Make sure the time slot doesn’t interfere with baby’s naptime

3) Cake shouldn’t be too big. A 6-inch cake with 2 to 3 tiers is the best (something simple and light colored and easy to chew for the baby)

4) Biggest thing is to remember that you take deep breath and relax. It will be a fun time for you and your baby even if s/he does not enjoy the cake smash ‘mess’ and we will capture the moments perfectly 😊