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Newborn Photography
When should you capture your newborn pictures?

Newborn Photography: Expecting Parents are often reminded that the newborn images ought to be captured within the first two weeks from baby’s birth, specifically if those adorable sleepy poses are desired. The fact that babies stay asleep for the most part during that period makes it so much easier to keep them calm and pose them during the session. However, some babies just cannot make that timeframe, but we could still try to capture those precious moments of her/his early life.

Newborn Prep Guide

Our easy step-by-step newborn prep guide goes a long way helping parents to prepare for the session (and we make sure parents receive it well in advance before their scheduled session). In addition, comfortable wrapping technique helps babies stay peacefully swaddled during the photoshoot.

Westin’s Newborn Photography Session

Lately, we have had a few babies in our studio who had to spend the first few weeks in the NICU. Westin was one of them. We met him on a chilly February morning for his shoot. He just turned a month-old a few days earlier. However, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see how well he cooperated. He absolutely rocked his session. Credit goes to mom and dad as well. They had a very short time to prepare, and they religiously followed our ‘Prep Guide’ for the session.

Westin couldn’t have been happier and content during the length of the entire session. In fact, he did so well that we were able to capture not only wrapped poses, but also him on his belly in the starry night theme, as well as in a dainty outfit on the comfy couch. Here we share some of the cute shots from his album. 🙂

wrapped baby in newborn photography

sleepy poses in newborn photography

newborn pictures with moon and stars

Are you thinking of photographing your newborn baby? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.