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Carrying a baby from conception to birth is a memorable journey for the mom-to-be and her partner. These nine months are filled with anticipation, joy, planning, and a deep connection with the miracle growing within. It’s a beautiful chapter in life, yet full of unknowns for any first-time parents-to-be. Ayan and Mila were one of those couples, eager to expand their little family Maternity Photographer soon and ready to embrace all the challenges that come with it. However, they wanted to remember every little detail of their incredible journey to parenthood. They wanted to create a visual narrative that reflects the emotions, connections, and preparations of this transformative time in their life through a collage of carefully curated images. That way looking back later in life, they can relive those moments of joy, anticipation, and love that defined their journey into parenthood. I couldn’t be more excited to take part in their creation and help them preserve these priceless memories through a story-telling lifestyle maternity session.

Planning a perfect lifestyle maternity session

Planning a perfect lifestyle maternity photoshoot

During the planning of our session, we carefully went through all the instants that defined their pregnancy journey. We wanted to make sure nothing is left off, whether it was the very first moment when Mila revealed she’s pregnant to her husband, who was busy browsing his phone at the time, or those frantic episodes when Ayan is desperately trying to educate himself about fatherhood duties. We wanted to capture the moments when they experienced baby’s first kicks to when Mila took full advantage of being pregnant and got endless pampering. Or those times when they watched their favorite movies together with all the tasty snacks that she was craving for that evening.

favorite moments during lifestyle maternity session

being pregnant and feeling baby's kicks

We made sure we didn’t forget those days when Ayan came home from work and took care of household chores, albeit with a lot of scrutiny, or when he made fun of Mila’s strict prenatal yoga routines. We made a list of all the things (and props) that we needed to recreate all these little but priceless instants: the books, the food Mila craved for, the ultrasound images, the yoga mat, all those custom-made tees and so on… So, when the day came to create and capture these in pixels, it was smooth, fun, and full of giggles. 

photo of a mom performing prenatal yoga

Now their baby boy is here, and they are the happiest parents on the planet keeping up with that little booger. When I look through these images, they make me chuckle and remind me of my own beautiful journey to motherhood. I am glad that I also captured those photos of our very own special time in life and will cherish them forever.


A story-telling lifestyle maternity session offers an exceptional and meaningful way to document your journey to motherhood. Through personal touches, and authentic moments, these sessions capture the essence of your experience, creating a narrative that is unique to you and your family. As an experienced family and maternity photographer in Houston, I am happy to assist you in preserving your own and unique voyage to parenthood.