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Hello Houston moms-to-be, as the summer heat blazes on, let’s explore some of the coolest maternity photography trends for this year. Right now, we’re all about beating the scorching Texas heat with stylish indoor studio sessions that bring a modern twist to traditional maternity photography

Current Trend in Maternity Photoshoot: Beyond the Gowns

Current Trend in Maternity Photoshoot

Who says maternity photography has to mean only flowing gowns? Although maternity portraits in a beautiful, flowy traditional gown look celestial, not everyone identifies themselves with that style. When it comes to documenting your pregnancy glow, it is all about embracing your unique preference. How about this gorgeous mama who wanted to be in her comfy jeans and a chic sports bra, and a sleek one-piece black dress that highlights her baby bump. Isn’t it about feeling like you, beautifully expecting, in outfits that are oh-so-you?

Indoor Oasis: Studio Sessions

Maternity photo in black dress

When the Texas sun sizzles, indoor studio sessions are your oasis. Imagine a softly lit cozy studio where you, your partner, and your children can kick back and enjoy. Let the air conditioning work its magic while we capture those intimate, heartfelt moments in an elegant but simple setup.

Partner Love: Embrace the Connection in Your Maternity Photos

maternity photography Houston couple

Your partner is your rock, and it’s time to celebrate that connection. Picture you two laughing, dancing, and sharing sweet glances in the studio’s comfort. These photos capture the genuine love and excitement as you both step into this new chapter together.

Little Ones Joining In: Sweet Family Moments


maternity picture with older children

If your family is growing, including your older children in the photographs to capture the joy anticipation for everyone. Whether it’s giggles, cuddles, or the pure wonder in their eyes, these moments make your maternity photos truly memorable. 

Simplicity Shines: Earthy Tones and Timeless Beauty

maternity photo in Houston studio

This year, we’re loving the natural vibes of earthy tones. Think soothing greens, warm terracotta, and soft neutrals that effortlessly complement your modern outfit choices. These colors add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your maternity photos.


Houston’s summer might be intense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast with your maternity photoshoot. With traditional or modern styles, indoor studio comfort, and the people you cherish most by your side, it is all about celebrating your journey in a way that’s uniquely you. So, embrace the heat, turn on the AC, and let’s capture the magic indoors, creating memories that will last a lifetime.