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Time flies fast…

Not too long ago I had my 18-month-old toddling around my toes in the kitchen while I cook. She often played with flours making a mess on the floor. She would bang a wooden spoon on a stainless-steel bowl and get amazed by the sound of her own creation… And all these stay vivid in my memories. Because, I didn’t forget to capture these small but priceless moments as they happened. Now suddenly, she’s a 3rd grader, writing her own blogs about her summer trips and proudly showing me her math homework.

Time really flies fast. But one thing never gets old for me is enjoying the framed pictures on my walls, where my little girls are playing with golden sand at the beach. Another picture shows them enjoying their cherry lollypops and comparing with each other’s. As a result, they both got bright red tongues. And that makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

Small fleeting moments… bring eternal happiness!

Recently, I photographed little Rona and her big brother Ari, in a park in New Jersey. Siblings bond is a very special bond. My intent was to capture that special bonding in a story-telling session.

They didn’t realize they were making memories. The park was just showered with a summer rain. The smell of rain-soaked soil was fresh in the air. The children were picking flowers for each other, walking down the wet grass holding hands, enjoying their lollypops.  Brother and sister were just having fun together. And I was documenting those precious moments.

As we roamed the park, we saw someone fishing in the nearby pond. Evidently, Ari was very curious. So he wanted to hold the fish. But, Rona had nothing to do with it. She was scared. It was one of those funny but cute instances. However, Ari had to let the fish go quickly so that it can go back to water. But of course, we didn’t forget to capture the moment. We ended the evening on a  sweet note for Rona as they both enjoyed their lollypops. It was such a beautiful experience! I noticed the awe in their mother’s face during the whole time. I’m glad we could preserve these memories for her. These will last a long time.

Here are some of those images that reflect the story from that evening….