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When to schedule your Newborn Session? Here’s all you need to know

If you are here because you are expecting your little miracle anytime soon, my heartiest congratulations!!!

Your baby’s birth is the most unforgettable and impactful event in your life. Those first days, getting to know your little muffin, those little fingers, her tiny feet and itty-bitty toes, and those sweet smiles in their dreams are the most blissful yet fleeting moments. Capturing your newborn photos can preserve these early days of your baby’s life and you will cherish them forever.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have:

What is the best time to contact a newborn photographer?

It is never too early to start thinking about your newborn session. I always encourage to start the conversation with your photographer during the second trimester of your pregnancy. The best is to have the session scheduled at the beginning of the 3rd trimester. This may seem a bit too soon for some but there are good reasons:

  • Newborn sessions require a lot of planning and preparation. Knowing ahead of time gives me the flexibility to plan the session the way you want it to be
  • Personally, I book a limited number of newborn clients each month. We will tentatively pick a date for your session based on the due date. But guess what, no baby arrives on his or her due date. So again, scheduling in advance gives both of us the flexibility to finalize the date and the time based on baby’s arrival.

Generally, booking with your photographer early in your third trimester is the best. But what if you’ve already passed that window? No worries! Just get in touch right away and we will try our best to schedule your session based on baby’s birth.

Take Advantage of a combined package: If you are also planning to take your maternity pictures, scheduling both maternity and newborn sessions at the same time is a fabulous idea.

  • The editing style and the flow of the pictures will be consistent for both sessions. I often include a common theme or signature outfits in both sessions
  • Maternity session will allow you to get to know me. That will make you feel more comfortable to trust me with your precious little baby during the newborn session
  • I also offer a discount for booking multiple sessions together
    • maternity + newborn package
    • newborn + milestone sessions
    • maternity + newborn + milestone
When is the best time to capture the newborn pictures?

 Most desirable: Between 6 to 12 days.

Reason: During this time, your baby is very sleepy, tiny, and flexible. So, if you are looking for those classic adorable newborn poses, it is the best time. After 3 weeks or so babies are generally bigger, more awake, and hungrier. So that will involve more feeding, burping, and changing time. That can reduce the number of setups and sleepy poses during the shoot.

Having said that, many babies cannot make that timeline for whatever reasons. Lately, a few of our babies, although their sessions were scheduled well in advance, had to spend the first few weeks in the NICU. All of those little munchkins rocked their sessions. So, get in touch with me whenever you are ready and I will try my best to schedule you and capture your most precious moments.


You have more questions? Feel free to reach out to me by email ( or call us (281-687-5874).